Pakoda Industry a Billion Dollar Concept

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Disclaimer: I do not belongs from any political party or angel investor group neither i am trying to criticize any race, religion or profession . My aim is to aware traditional snacks “Pakoda” as  a great startup idea for food entrepreneurs. 

In recent few days, people are trolling our PM Narendra Modi for stating that “Pakoda could be an employment option”. I don’t believe that if Tea chain, Idly Chain, Dhosa, Biryani, Paratha and Pani Puri chain could be successful business idea then why not Pakoda?

A 26-year-old Indian-Australian lawyer/businesswoman Uppma Virdi, aka ‘Chai Walli’, recently impressed everyone when she was awarded ‘Australia’s Businesswoman of the Year’ for making Tea chain into fully functional business model. In canada and USA major Punjabi families are making good money by running deshi food chain which is very popular and known as delicious cousins. In same way last year a Delhi based food chain BTW become very famous. BTW now about to open 100+ franchises across the India. If KFC makes world largest food chain business for fried chicken and MacDonald makes burger chain around the globe then Indian traditional snacks Pakoda can also do a billion dollar business. We all need to take it as challenge and think like an entrepreneur.

According to Economics times report “indian food market business size to reach INR 42 lakh crore by 2020”. Yourstory report says Domestic food retail to cross Rs 61 lakh crore by 2020. Food market is never ending and self sustaining business because it is the primary requirement for every living being. Most interestingly, Diversity of product range in every business is most crucial thing to run a business successfully. Diversity of product range gives customer an option to choose and in my perception Pakoda is one of the dish/Snacks which could have 1000+ variety and style so viability of this business is 100% guaranteed.

In conclusion, Fever of startups and skill India initiative people are getting attraction towards only Tech-Startups or Pharmaceuticals startups but apart from this there is more  than that. To grow and establish a successful business its not necessary that you will only focus towards popular and established area although you should look for easy and less competitive ideas so that you can focus much more towards your objective rather than competition. Personally I believe that “Pakoda chain” will be the most novel and revolutionary startup idea and i would like to work upon this idea if i get an opportunity.

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