Prof of concept for my Hypothesis called ” Theory of Transformation : Origin of Universe”

How universe originate and what is the actual mechanism of operation, is always been a curiosity to our astrophysicist and space research organizations. When we look towards  sky its seems like unravel mystery but our thousand years of expertise comes closer to their solution or key point but in reality their is no such kind of key/pin point like solar system. There are uncountable number of solar system in one galaxy and same case with galaxy viz multiples of trillions. May be billions of universe are there where we can’t imagine as far. Therefore fact could be anything but as per our basic understanding and space observation clearing some picture about this mystery. Before Galileo few India hieroglyphs and corpus indicates some astronomic event of ancient times and help us to know more deeply about astronomy.

As human brain we have only inbound imagination power, even we can’t think about anything which we have never experience. In most of the normal human beings have very limited recognition ability but few exception are also there who have experienced not so big but reproduce greatest discovery and we called them father of science for their unexpected contribution to our scientific community. In same situation our astronomy is oscillating because its not like biological experimentation, neither its  laboratory based exploration. This area of science was evolved purely  on physio-chemical based languidly event over the time period. If we compare our own evolution with universe means we are at zero position where it stands.

Based on complex picture of universe and galaxy, my observation was very clear about the origin of universe and i was very near to the announcement but due to few circumstances i was not able to publish it earlier. A detailed hypothetical mechanism for origin of universe is somehow as i proposed below :


1. Stage of numeration:

As we all are aware about every process start with something and it cannot start with zero like “Omnis cellula e cellula” (a cell arise from pre existing cell)  a great concept by Rudolf Virchow for cellular reproduction. Same way universe was not originated with zero. There was something called  vacuum and pressure less situation, was present. At the time round and because of attractive behavior of  PRATHMIK  particles get collapsed and start becoming hotter in low pressure and vaccum condition.  Which arises a spinning of air  (AC; Astro Cyclone) and particle which were present at that time start collecting into the center of the AC,  same kind of situation we can observe in summer where high temperature caused low pressure and ultimately small cyclone which have a large scale air mass that rotates around a strong center of low atmospheric pressure. They are usually characterized by inward spiraling winds. Same  way the first beginning of universe was started and still is on his developing path.

2. Universal Expansion :


Now our first question about how it start?,  is must be clear. Now we can think;  how it regulates and what contribution makes their infinity look. For that scenario a very interesting fact is available and we all are aware about it. We all know that universe has ZERO gravity and its nothing but vacuum so once a ASTRO Cyclone initialize in the universe can never stop due to low pressure and zero gravity condition. Such astronomical story remain continued and only ends when its looses their center because of two reason:

  1. Overlapping with another AC boundary
  2. High mass volume collection at the center than the actual size of AC

Above mentioned these two situation are most effective condition which can influence the universal expansion and reduction but their may be other situation also which are taking part in astronomical happening.

Many astrophysicists have been postulated that universe is expanding, even our solar system is also expanding but fact is; our solar system is reducing and his Astro Cyclone too , which is basically operates the entire solar system so if  we can identify life on mars that will be a prof of my concept that our solar system is going to destroy in coming future. Because life shifted from mars to earth as picture proposed below.

Image result for solar system


3. Why any solar system reduced or expand ?

Now we are aware about how universal happening start and operate so your next curiosity will be; why one solar system reducing and another are getting expand. But answer of this question is very simple. Very philosophical but scientific quote  “a feeble lost inside well built” this concept is so simple and applicable under every situation. It clearly says that low capacity AC when comes to strong one that ultimately lead for losing of their natural  behavior and merging with stronger ones.

4. How solar system operate ?

Suppose if one smaller AC comes inside the stronger one then it suddenly cannot merge with them, its takes trillions years of time and that exactly create solar system. one of the solar system is their example where we belongs; our solar system.

5. How Stars originate ?

As previously described how solar system formed was quite noise-full. Therefore now we will try to find out some most generous example with appropriate findings. In 2014 a famous article was published in Science News by Christopher Crockket titled ” Star Eating Star Spotted”. In which they try to explain that a star in a neighboring galaxy might have swallowed another star. That exactly what my hypothesis was explained. Same situation apply for every unravel mystery in universe either that is matter of low gravity, white giant, super giant or hyper giant my hypothesis is applicable everywhere and with every astronomical mass which is present in the universe.

Fig: 3 – the star HV 2112 appears to be a red supergiant that has engulfed a neutron star

Validation prof for universal expansion : Must watch the link provided below:



Now you are most probably aware about my basic finding of my work “Theory of Transformation: Origin of Universe” so further story and action taken by me will comes to you as noble concept for astrophysicist lovers. Wait for Next phase of this article.

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