Anticipation of Darwin’s Theory “Natural Selection will Destroy us” by Cristein De Duve

Do You really think that natural selection has worked against us?.


yes It could be, as our nudity increasing towards natural resources, living beings and social norms so we are not so far from extinction. It would like healing of any chronic injury inside the body and that is eradicating by gradual provoke. Natural selection has resulted in traits such as group selfishness being coded in our genes. These were useful to our ancestors under the conditions in which they lived, but have become noxious to us today. What would help us preserve our natural resources are genetic traits that let us sacrifice the present for the sake of the future. You need wisdom to sacrifice something that is immediately useful or advantageous for the sake of something that will be important in the future. Natural selection doesn’t do that; it looks only at what is happening today. It doesn’t care about your grandchildren or grandchildren’s grandchildren.

Nature selects only those candidates which are suitable for their equilibrium balance and eliminate them who are trying for there equilibrium imbalance, and now we are on that stage only.   According to Nobel laureate Cristein De Duve ” We have evolved traits that will lead to humanity’s extinction“. Now natural selection is recruiting for extinction rather than selection. We are accumulating regressive traits rather than evolutionary. The cost of our success is the exhaustion of natural resources, leading to energy crises, climate change, pollution and the destruction of our habitat. If you exhaust natural resources there will be nothing left for your children. If we continue in the same direction, humankind is headed for some frightful ordeals, if not extinction. Such kind of anthropogenic activity will Ultimately turn us towards destruction and that is the site where Darwin’s Theory terminates and Cristein D Dive starts Natural Selection will destroy Us.

Any possible bypass for Humankind?

No, I think not yet. In subsequent manner we can control on destruction rate but can not control over the Natural Negative selection. we are sick and opt-less regarding our requirements, Demands and exhaustion of renewal and non-renewal energy resources. we can not completely control over them because we are now epidemic of Homo sapiens. Bus there is a little bit chance to overcome such kind of problems.

We should explore some other area of resources, Energy requirements and should strong control over our birth rate. If we are doing fail thats mean we are going under Cristein De Duve Theory of Destruction.

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