Innovation beyond the Memory

Does Science really need good memory rather than good analyzing capability??. No nothing like that as my point of view. whatever your opinion or concern but fact is : innovation is out of the knowledge and memory add-on. There is strong demand of fresh and exploring brain instead of forbidden husk. scientific exploration always deal with matter of exclusively new approach. Limitation always reserve the area research instead of dynamic work, so its good to judge a student on the basis of analyzing and problem solving capability. Einstein, newton H.Khorana and J.C bose are known for their contribution rather than good scholar.What-is-the-point-of-innovation-Mind-Map

So there is strong demand to change and manipulation in our Education system. A student who have capability to create new things should appreciated rather than demotivation. A strong competitive environment can squash out the exploring capability, It will also turn the brain in state of grasping the resources rather than creating new things.

There should be following things :

  1. Open Channel for selection; based on scientific approach
  2. Reviewing Passion and involvement in art of Science
  3. Test for Strong motivation towards work and Skill
  4. Test for Troubleshoot and analyzing capability
  5. Test for Good scientific communicator
  6. Test for Scholar is good socialistic person or not
  7. A good financial support

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