A real meaning interdisciplinary Sceince

Hello everyone…..

I am writing a book on applied biosystem & Interdisciplinary sciences and I would like to include your suggestions and efforts. Please rise the general FAQs and curiosity towards Bio-System, it will update your knowledge and my personal opinion.Your profound idea and terminology will help me out for this literature.


 About Book:

As we can see now a drastic change in the world because of non-renewal resources of energy and fuel. A Worldwide demand of fossil fuels and it’s harmful effect on environment makes it unfit to the health and society, but we are optless. Henceforth there is strong demand of new sources of energy, livestock could be the better option. We are much advance and successful now in the state of applied system and interdisciplinary sciences. Now we can build up a new area of science and technology; which will provide better option for upcoming near future, and this option is nothing but Hybrid Bio-System. Bio-machine is an ancient form of technology used by humans, in which they use human and animal efforts in area of work and energy. So it’s basically a transfusion between living system and technology.

A precise possibility, theoretical approach and exploration is going to introduce in my book ” Bio-Machine a Future  of Technology”, so please make it success with your scientific notation and guidance. I welcome you all innovative creative scientific minds around the world.

Please make it success……..

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